Åby Gård is an active farm some 50 kilometres north of Stockholm.
We are specialized in meatproduction, beef, veal, lamb and pork. The largest part of our production is sold in our own farm-shop, fresh, frozen or processed.

We have our own smokery where we smoke whole meat as well as sausages of different kinds. The size of the farm is 190 hectares of forestland and 110 hectares of arable land. In addition to that we rent 150 hectares of arable land and pastures. Our main "crop" is silage, but we also grow some of the grain we use for fodder. We raise about 150 bulls for slaughter per year. They are about 18 months and weigh around 600 kilo at slaughter. The veal-calves, 30-50 per year, are about 7-8 months at slaughter and weigh around 280 kilo. We have 300 sheep, producing some 600 lambs per year. The pigs, around 600 per year, are raised outside. Most of the meat we produce is sold in our own farm shop.

Åby Gård
741 95 KNIVSTA

Tel: +46 18-388123, +46 18-388218
+46 073 783 2767
E-mail: aby.gard@telia.com